Singing Dune

Central Stadium
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Detailed description

Singing Dune

On the right bank of the Ili River in the north-east of Almaty has an unusual dune, called it "Singing" - is another unique natural wonder. While walking out of the sand under your feet begins to slide down the steep slope, and from the depths of the dune hear a hum, noise resembling an airplane. Sand Mountain has a height of over 120 meters and stretch for 4 km. Nobody knows exactly where there was this huge mountain of sand in the steppe winds penetrated the valley between the ridges of the mountains Ulken-Kalkan. It is curious that the dune is not roam the plains, and left in place for several millennia. A pronounced crest of a sand dune with a few prominent peaks allows fans of the ski mountains make the exotic descent of the mountain slopes. The climate in the area is sharply continental. In the summer temperatures often rise above 40 degrees.

Places to visit:

  • Walking tour of the Singing dunes
  • Stop for a spring Chocan Valikhanov


Central Stadium

at "Kairat" sport-shop

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Ticket type Refund Price Discount price
Standard - 9 500
Children from to 1 ages Not allowed -
Children from 1 to 3 ages Free -
Children from 4 to 12 лет 9 300



Purchase conditions

Call in advance:  +7 (727) 333 45 99, +7 (727) 329 45 99, +7 701 225 56 62

Tickets for children till the age of 3 is free without providing seats.

Half-free ticket is from 4 years old till 12 years old

Things to take: meals and beverages.

What to wear: comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses.

Refund condition

При отказе от тура менее чем за 2 суток штраф 100%


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