Charyn Canyon +Kolsai Lake 1

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Charyn Canyon +Kolsai Lake 1

Charyn Canyon - is one of the most unique natural objects, where the influence of the millennial processes of weathering of sedimentary rocks, the original form of relief took the outlines of isolated rocks, columns and towers. Charyn Canyon - a natural monument, built of sedimentary rocks, whose age is about 12 million years. The most interesting place for tourists is the so-called Valley of the castles. In the bosom of the canyon is preserved grove of ash trees and relict species surviving glaciations era. Another similar grove is only in North America. Landscape diversity Charyn canyon leads to the variety of flora and fauna. Charyn canyon reminiscent of the Grand Canyon of Colorado (Grand Canyon) in North America, though inferior to him in size, but "Valley of Castles" unique beauty.

Kolsai lakes - one of the most beautiful places of Kazakh nature lake called the pearl of the Northern Tien Shan.


Kolsay - is a great place for parking, hiking, traveling on horseback and mountain biking. The first lake 1 km. and a width of about 300 m. is located at an altitude of 1818 m .. The average lake is at an altitude of 2552m above 5 km from the first. It is a large and unusually picturesque, like a bowl of turquoise crystal in palms of mountains. Lower and middle of the lake at sunset "boil" by playing trout. Anyone who has ever lucky enough to visit these places, never forget their splendor, peace and tranquility around. When the water surface is absolutely calm, it reflects the sky and the charming panorama of mountain landscape.

Places to visit:

  • Charyn Canyon
  • Kolsay 1, a tour around the lake
  • Walking tour through the canyon "Valley of Castles"


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