Jeep tour Rock paintings Tamgaly Tas

St. Gogol, 144
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Jeep tour Rock paintings Tamgaly Tas

Tamgaly-Tas ("stones with signs / painted stones") is a tract along the Ili River, 120 km north of Almaty, where many petroglyphs, images of mysterious deities, and late Buddhist inscriptions have been preserved on the rocks. Among the petroglyphs there are about a thousand rock images, among which the most known are the images of Buddha Shakyamuni, Buddha of Amitabha's Infinite Light and Bodhisattva of Infinite Sympathy Avalokiteshvara.

In addition to Buddhist drawings and inscriptions, there is a stone with ancient Turkic runic letters of VIII-IX centuries, supposedly left by the Kipchaks. Tamgaly-Tas is under the protection of the government of Kazakhstan as a cultural monument and is a Buddhist temple in the open air, as evidenced by the sign at the entrance to the tract.

And on the other bank of the Ili River, as a mirage, you can see the Town of Nomads..

The complex of Tamgaly-Tas is an outstanding monument of art, history and culture in Kazakhstan. A visit to this gorge guarantees unforgettable impressions of the surrounding nature and energy of this ancient holy place.

Places to visit:

  • Ili river
  • Tamgaly Tas


St. Gogol, 144

Гоголя, 144

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