Turgen waterfall+visiting trout and ostrich farms

Байтурсынова 100 выше Абая
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Detailed description

Turgen waterfall+visiting trout and ostrich farms

During the tour you will get acquainted with the nature and history of the region, archaeological monuments Saka culture - burial mounds, burial grounds, and visit the archaeological museum under the open sky, where you will be met Saka warrior sculpture - the famous "Golden Man", which became the national symbol of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Also visit the trout farm and / or the ostrich farm. Waterfall Bear -. Drop height of 40 m It is the most easily accessible and pleasant waterfall, a lot of tourists resting near him.

The valley goes back to 44 km. to the vast Assy plateau (2560 m.). In ancient times there were caravans from Europe to the East - China and India. Turgen Gorge is famous for its waterfalls and relict Chin-Turgen mossy spruce growing on permafrost.

Places to visit:

  • Turgen Waterfall
  • Bearish Waterfall
  • Trout Farm
  • Ostrich Farm


Байтурсынова 100 выше Абая

Возле станции метро Байконур

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  • Қазақша


Ticket type Refund Price Discount price
Standard - 4 500
Children from 4 to 13 лет 4 200



Purchase conditions

Call in advance:  +7 (727) 333 45 99, +7 (727) 329 45 99, +7 701 225 56 62. 

Tickets for children till the age of 3 is free without providing seats.

Half-free ticket is from 4 years old till 12 years old

Things to take: meals and beverages.

What to wear: comfortable clothes and shoes, sunglasses.

Refund condition

In case of refusal before 2 days of trip- 100% fine


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