Charyn canyon, Kolsay and Kaindy Lakes (2 days)

Baitursynova 98, subway station “Baikonur”
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  • 2 days
  • Up to 50 people
  • Bus
  • Accomodation in guest house
  • Meal
  • Guide

Detailed description

Charyn canyon, Kolsay and Kaindy Lakes (2 days)

The Charyn Canyon is a natural monument built from sedimentary rocks, which age is about 12 million years, and stretches for 154 kilometers along the valley of Charyn river. The Charyn Canyon is situated on the Tian Shan’s spurs near the border with China.

The most interesting and frequently visited tourist destination is so-called "Valley of Castles". The grove of relict species of ash, survived during the era of glaciation, preserved in the bosom of the canyon and another such grove is only in North America. Landscape diversity of Charyn canyon leads to the variety of flora and fauna. Charyn Canyon reminds Colorado Grand Canyon in North America and loses to it in terms of sizes, but definitely not in terms of beauty.

Kolsay Lakes is one of the most beautiful places of Kazakh nature. They are also called a blue necklace of Northern Tien Shan. And it is quite understandable – such beauty cannot be found anywhere! In the Kazakh language “Kolsay” means “a lake in the valley”, indeed, all three lakes are situated in the eastern part of the picturesque Kungei Tau gorge, 300 km from Almaty. Kolsay Lakes are a favorite place for mountain tourism. Anyone, who is ever lucky enough to visit these places, never forgets their splendor, peace and tranquility, prevailing around. When the surface of the water is absolutely calm, it reflects the sky, while in the evening the lake as if boiling from trout splashing in its waters!

In 1911, an earthquake triggered a large landslide, resulting in a natural dam. The glacier melt could no longer flow out, and a lake was formed. The old forest of Shrenk spruce trees sunk into the new lake. Above water, the sunken trees appear as large masts from lost ghost ships, eery reflections in the water. But underwater, the needles of the Shrenk spruce still remain on the trees, even 100 years later. Because of the clear mountain water, you can see deep into the depths of the lake.

*Please bring your passport! Foreigners without passports will be sent back unless they pay a big bribe. Photocopies are not accepted!

1 day:

  • 09.00 Meeting at the rendezvous point – Baitursynova 98, subway station “Baikonur”
  • 09.15 Transfer to Charyn Canyon
  • 12.30 Excursion to the Charyn Canyon
  • 14.00 – 15.00 Lunch (optional)
  • Walking around the Valley of Castles
  • 17.00 Transfer to the Saty village.
  • 18.30 – 19.00 Transfer to the guesthouse, check-in.
  • 19.30 Dinner at the guesthouse
  • Overnight in Saty village.

2 day:

  • 08.30 Breakfast at the guesthouse
  • 09.00 Transfer to Kaindy Lake
  • 10.00 – 12.30 Trekking to Kaindy Lake
  • 13.00 Transfer to the Saty village
  • 13.40 – 14.30 Lunch at the guesthouse
  • 14.30 Check-out, transfer to Kolsay Lake 1
  • 15.00 – 18.00 Walking around Kolsay Lake 1
  • 18.30 Transfer to Almaty
  • 22.30 Arrival in Almaty to the rendezvous point – Baitursynova 98, subway station “Baikonur”

Places to visit:

  • Charyn canyon
  • Kolsay lakes
  • Kaiyndy lake


Baitursynova 98, subway station “Baikonur”

Available tour/amusements languages:

  • Русский
  • English



Purchase conditions

*Please bring your passport! Foreigners without passports will be sent back unless they pay a big bribe. Photocopies are not accepted!


1. Accommodation in a guesthouse (1 night);
2. Group excursions according to the program;
3. Group transportation;
4. English-speaking guide/ English-speaking guide;
5. 1 breakfast, 1 lunch and 1 dinner at the guesthouse;
6. Water.

Not indcluded:

1. Medical insurance;
2. Personal expenses;
3. Additional excursions;
4. Entrance tickets – 7 USD/ 2500 KZT pp  to all objects according to the program;
5. Optional meals.

Refund condition

There should be 100% prepayment of the tour package before 30 days of arrival. 10% of the payment are non-refundable.
The fines are 60% if you cancel the tour package less than 30 days of arrival. The fines are 100% if you cancel the tour package less than 15 days of arrival.


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