Astana City excursions by Red Bus

ул. Коргалжинское шоссе 2 А, РЦ "Думан" (Duman Entertainment Centre)
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Astana City excursions by Red Bus

In the streets of Kazakhstani capital city there have appeared new way of transportation which offers a wide range sughtseeing tour. The Red Bus of Astana has two floors which make an amazing impression from visiting wonderful places of young city. Guide will tell every history of every single places of Astana

The starting point of excursion is "Duman" entertainment centre, which opened in 2003. It is well known with its oceanarium. This oceanarium is considered to be the first one in Kazakhstan.  And here you can visit one more amazing place- "Jungle"  animated theatre.

The next stop is  «Khan Shatyr» shopping and entertainment centre- new symbol of the city.  All brand new shops, different kinds of amusement, even aquapark are located here. And one more feature of this centre is that it is considered to be the largest and biggest shopping mall of Kazakhstan. The roof of the building is almost transparent, that is why in day time all lights of the sun sheds its lights to the building.

The next stop is "Kazakh Eli" monument side. It is located in central part of the city. Its overall height is  91 м .

Excursion ends reaching "Astana Baiterek" monument. Its height is 105 м and a stunning panoramic view can be seen from the very top. 

Places to visit:

  • Duman Entertainment Centre
  • Khan Shatyr shopping mall
  • ''Kazakh Eli" monument
  • "Astana Baiterek" monument


ул. Коргалжинское шоссе 2 А, РЦ "Думан" (Duman Entertainment Centre)

напротив ТЦ «Мега Астана

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For adults - 3000 tg,

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Working hours:  from 10-00 till 23-00

Duration  1 hour  30 min

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In case of force majeure circumstances, half price of ticket can be refunded. 


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