Baikonur spaceport tour (3 days)

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  • 3 days
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  • Accomodation
  • Meal
  • Excursions with tour guide
  • Permission for photo taking
  • Permission of Roscosmos

Detailed description

Baikonur spaceport tour (3 days)

Baikonur Spaceport is one of those gorgeous places in the world that can be marked by the human’s history civilization as unique. And you have an extremely great opportunity to attend the launch of the spacecraft from the first space harbor of our Planet...


Day 1. Baikonur City

Group transfer to Baikonur city from the Meeting points. Arrival to the hotel. Accommodation and dinner. Overnight in a hotel. Meeting Point № 1: Kyzylorda airport, Information desk. Departure time: 15:00 Meeting Point № 2: Toretam railway station, Information desk. Departure time: 18:00

Day 2. Baikonur Spaceport

Breakfast at the hotel. 

Transfer to the site to observe the report of the space crew to the State Commission (for manned launches only). 

Transfer to the site for visiting of the Integration and test facility complex (subject to Roscosmos permit). 

Transfer to the site for visiting of the Space museum, "Buran" Orbital complex, cottages of famous spacemen Korolev and Gagarin, where the first conqueror of space spent the last night before the flight.   

Visiting the command post of the launch vehicle "Energia".  

Transfer to the observation site. Observation the launch of the space craft "Soyuz".

Transfer to the site for visiting of the "Gagarin's start" complex (subject to Roscosmos permit).    

Lunch (lunch box) and dinner at a local cafe. Free time. Overnight in Baikonur.

Day 3. Baikonur City 

Breakfast at the hotel. Bus tour of the city. During the tour you will have the opportunity to visit various squares, monuments, the Soyuz rocket carrier. Lunch. Departure from Baikonur.

Please Note:

* The Itinerary is subject to change due to scheduled launching time for the space craft  

* The itinerary requires special permission for Baikonur visit, which should be applied at least 25 days before the trip for citizens of  Russia and 45 days before the trip for citizens of other countries

**Group tour is not guaranteed in case the available group is less than 5 persons

Preliminary schedule of manned launches in 2019 (changes are possible):

Soyuz МС-15: 25.09.2019

Places to visit:

  • Baikonur



Available tour/amusements languages:

  • Русский
  • English



Purchase conditions


1. Permission of ROSCOSMOS
2. Admission to the facilities of the Baikonur Spaceport
3. Twin accommodation in a hotel for 2 nights
4. Group transfer from the Meeting points to Baikonur and back
5. Transport service in the territory of Baikonur
6. Excursions and tour guide service according to the program
7. Meals: Breakfast and Lunch in Days 2-3, Dinner in Days 1-2
8. Permission for photo and video taking


NOT included

1. Train tickets Almaty-Baikonur-Almaty (or airfare Almaty-Kyzylorda-Almaty)
2. Single accommodation supplement (139 USD)
3. Meals not included into the tour price
4. Visa support and registration in the territory of Kazakhstan, if required
5. Travel insurance
6. Personal expenses and other costs beyond the program

Refund condition

Cancellation policy: 

  1. For cancellation of the tour after making payment - 10% of the total price is not refundable
  2. In case of cancellation of the tour after receiving permission to visit the Roscosmos cosmodrome, regardless of the timing, amount of penalties 20% of the order value.
  3.  In case of cancellation of the tour less than 14 working days before the date of arrival, according to the submitted application, amount of penalties 100% of the order value.
  4.  13% of the Tour price is not refundable if ROSCOSMOS refused the Tourist in permission to visit the spaceport.


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