cave "AK mosque with a visit to the mausoleum of Domalak-Ana.

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cave "AK mosque with a visit to the mausoleum of Domalak-Ana.

Go to the mausoleum of Domalak-aneurysmectomy monument of the XII century. Domalak-Ana younger wife Baidibek-ATA. It was famous for the remarkable intellect and wisdom, is a symbol of motherhood and good. There is a version that Domalak-Ana comes from the Persian "Danat mum" meaning the Holy Mother. The last days of her life, she decided to move to native mountains of Karatau, on command was in dream of Baidibek-ATA and dies during the time of prayer. The grandson of Domalak-Ana Dulat invites masters Abdullah Sheri from Bukhara and build over the grave of my grandmother four-story, domed mausoleum which until today is the object of worship and visits to many people. The monument originally constructed in 1456 in the form of the 4-wall domed mausoleum. During the XI-XV centuries, the mausoleum Domalak Ana several times restored. In 1996 produced clutch of white stone, delivered from Mangystau. The height of the mausoleum Domalak Ana 39 ft, vosmiseriyny the dome is located on the main facilities. Close to the mausoleum is a spring with pure cold water, according to legend, women should have a dip in the waters of this spring, searching her bucket and Oblivskiy in specially equipped for this purpose. Following this ritual women promise filling female energy and beauty. Moved by anything cold water could just get drunk and have a wash typing in the way water bottle. Home add magic water in the tub for bathing. In a souvenir shop you can buy Souvenirs, and for women a lot of jewelry turquoise, which in life to give loved Domalak Ana. Continue on the road next to the cave "AK mosque or scientific Baidibek failure. Underground cave "AK Mechet" (white temple) is located a few kilometers from the village cavern Baidibek district of South-Kazakhstan region. Its length is 833 ft, height - 25 width – 213 ft. The cave is a unique natural object, not only on the magnitude of size, but amazing " decoration". Unique is also the fact that there's no trees within a radius of several kilometers. And in the cave is a real oasis. It is connected with lots of legends.

According to one of them, in a cave were hidden women and children during the Jungar invasion. Another theory holds that in ancient times there was the cave of the dragon, that attacked the people and cattle. When the dragon spread his wings, then touched the edge of the fault and gradually increase it. But one day he came to these lands prophet Suleiman and planted a monster on the chain. How many years then spent a dragon, the legend of silent, but the place where he slept, remained. This hill in the centre of the cave is under the rift, where does the sun's rays. Baidibek depression AK Mosque is one of the most enigmatic and mysterious places in the South of Kazakhstan.

Places to visit:

  • Domalak Ana Mausoleum
  • Spring
  • Ak Mechet cave


проспект Республики 6а

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